Full Colour Branded Cardboard VR Headsets

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Full Colour Print Branded Cardboard VR Headsets
Branded Cardboard Headsets

Full-colour print branded Cardboard VR headsets available in South Africa custom printed for your brand in small quantities with fast lead times.

Free delivery in South Africa.

The bright colours create a strong impression while the easy to clean and tough vinyl laminated surface ensures that your branding will look good for ages.

VR Explorer Kit for virtual field trips in class

The VR Explorer Kit from The Virtual Space is custom built for virtual field trips in the classroom. This kit contains all you need to run virtual field trips in the classroom with 5 learners at a time.

Detailed instructions and tutorial videos are included. The app and devices are preconfigured and ready to go. Just choose your expeditions, download and you’re ready to take your learners on a virtual field trip!

Virtual reality engages learners like no other medium.

VR Explorer Kit for virtual field trips

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard, in South Africa now, is the most cost effective virtual reality platform available today. The Google Cardboard platform uses the computing power and advanced sensors in your smartphone, combined with an affordable and simple cardboard box with lenses, to turn your phone into a virtual reality headset.

All you need is a capable Android or iOS phone and a Google Cardboard inspired headset to start experimenting with VR.

The only special hardware requirement for Android is that your phone should have a gyroscope sensor. Load the small free app “EZE VR” from Google Play to test your phone for compatibility.

All iPhones from iPhone 4 upwards work fine.

What can you do with Google Cardboard?

Take and view virtual reality photos:

The free Cardboard Camera app for Google Cardboard let’s you take panoramic 360° stereoscopic ( 3D ) photos with an included sound clip, using just your phones standard camera.

You take a photo by turning through a full circle with the phone. The scene is recorded by the app and then some software magic is used to turn it into a 3D panorama.

The virtual reality photos can be viewed and shared using the same Cardboard Camera app.

Tour the world with Google Street View:

The Google Street View app works with Google Cardboard so you can view all the millions of street view images from all over the world in your Google Cardboard based headset.

You can use the trigger on the Cardboard 2 VR headset to move around in Street View, so you can travel along streets in foreign cities and soak up the sights.

Watch 360° 3D videos on YouTube:

The YouTube app supports Google Cardboard. There is a large and growing catalogue of 360° and 360° 3D video on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. These videos are known as VR videos.

Teachers – use VR in the classroom with Google Expeditions:

Google Expeditions is a Google Cardboard based free app designed for use in the classroom. Check out our purpose built VR Explorer Kit for Google Expeditions!

The Google Expeditions app allows learners to each have a Cardboard VR headset with a suitable phone. The teacher can then control the pupils experience of the VR tours over a wifi connection, using the Expeditions app.

There are currently well over 600 expeditions available, all free. Expeditions cover subjects as diverse as places of interest, human anatomy, career expeditions, museums and many more. Check out https://edu.google.com/expeditions/ for more information.

Virtual Reality Games:

There are literally thousands of VR games available on Google Play and the Apple App Store for Google Cardboard. Most of these games are free. Quality varies so we suggest looking at the user ratings and number of users to decide which ones are worth trying.

Try InCell VR, Need For Jump and Zombiestan if you have a bluetooth game controller available, to get you started.

It is also possible to play PC based VR games but be warned, it’s definitely a bit of a mission to get it working. If you are interested in trying this out you can start at https://riftcat.com/vridge

All of the above apps are available free on Google Play and the Apple App Store

Google Cardboard