Our VR development projects

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360 VR Video Player for Events

In 2015 we developed an Android based 360 video player for use at events.

This player will play up to 4K video on capable phones, at the best performance the phone can provide.

The VR Video Player for Events is controlled by a separate phone over wifi. This lets you play your video simultaneously across a number of headsets at your event, so you can schedule the VR video for a specific time.

360 Video Wall

In 2016 we developed a 360 video wall system based on Android. This system spread a 3840 X 1920 360 VR video across multiple television screens arranged in a circle. This allowed people to view the video without having to don a headset.

We showcased this system at the Nerdcon 2016 event in Johannesburg before retiring the project.

A Whole New Ball Game

In 2017 we developed a virtual reality game for the HTC Vive VR system. We used the Unity game engine and development environment.

The game was mapped to the imaginarium we had at 27 Boxes. In other words, the physical space was of the same dimensions as the virtual space inside the game.

It is based on a combination of squash and brickout, so you increase your score by destroying bricks in the game.

All the 3D assets for the game were created in the VR painting app, Tilt Brush. All the sounds were created manually by popping balloons, hitting surfaces, ringing bells and so on.

A Whole New Ball Game is fully playable and stable. We have been running competitions with the local kids to see who can achieve the highest score.

A Whole New Ball Game…